CIDEA staff is specifically trained and certified to perform every task assigned. Therefore, the staff attends training and refresher courses as the aim of this Foundation is to promote training as well as research and teaching activities.
The center has a quality control department that performs and updates standardized procedures, implements control systems, verifies data (internal monitoring), reviews and prepares regulatory documents and is in charge of the staff training.

Experience and quality work carried out by CIDEA Foundation along many years are shown in the increasing number of clinical trials developed (See Table of Trials), even in the participation in the earliest stages of clinical investigation studies such as phase I and II, and in studies of pharmacodynamics. Moreover, it has been backed up by audits of different sponsors and inspections of regulatory agencies obtaining very satisfactory results.

Strict compliance with local and international regulations, internal norms and protocols together with the high recruiting rate that in most opportunities surpassed expectations, have placed our centre among the most important ones of its kind.
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