CIDEA Foundation has modern facilities and an updated medical equipment. In the case of pharmacokinetics, plasmatic cortisol or when the study requires hospitalization, patients have the possibility of being admitted to the Sanatorio San José for their further comfort.

Clinical histories belong to the Foundation. They are filed safely and reliably in a specific sector of a limited access.

There is a restricted access Drug Room for clinical trials and temperature is kept constant there by means of an air conditioning equipment and temperature and humidity are daily cheked. At the center located on Paraguay street, temperature is registered by a Honeywell computarized system. Study documents are filed according to protocol and sponsor regulations and there are comfortable monitoring rooms.

All medical trials to be performed at CIDEA Foundation must be previously approved by the Medical Board and the the Teaching and Research Committee of CIDEA Foundation. The members of the Committee are prestigious medical doctors from different disciplines, being their main goal to watch over the scientific and ethical quality of all the activities developed at CIDEA Foundation, promoting the training of its staff and teaching and research activities within and outside the Foundation.

The studies to be performed at Sanatorio San José must also be approved by the Teaching and Research Committee of the Sanatorio San José.

Comfort and
  CIDEA Foundation, at both headquarters (Palermo and Centro) owns modern facilities, surgeon rooms and an important medical equipment which is vital to carry out medical consultations comfortably and safely.