CIDEA Foundation is a non-profit foundation devoted to research, teaching, assistance, diagnosis, treatment and raising awareness of allergic diseases, asthma and other respiratory diseases as well as their relationship with general medicine.
To reach its goals, CIDEA Foundation focuses its activities on:
Participating in all phases of basic or clinical investigation, research work, trials and methods applied to animals and humans.
Participating, organizing and supporting conferences, courses, symposia, congresses and any other kind of pre- and post- teaching activity in our country or abroad.
Establishing relationships with national or foreign universities and institutions, promoting exchange of information and publications among professionals, teachers and students.
Editing, publishing and distributing books, publications, cassettes and videos and organizing contests, exhibitions and libraries.
Granting honors.
Presenting awards to research, teaching, assistance or dissemination works.
Granting financial support and subsidies.
Granting auspices and economic support for study trips and scientific exchange with foreign countries.
Collaborating in the creation and development of medical institutions related the objectives of CIDEA.
Purchasing technology for research, study, diagnosis and treatment and offering this technology to universities, hospitals, institutions and research centers.
Organizing and supporting educational campaigns addressed to the general public through mass media, being the main goal to deepen knowledge and enhance prevention of the consequences of allergic diseases.
Offering assistance and treatment to the poor.
Our Mission
  Our main aim is to watch over the safety and wellbeing of our patients, providing them with first class medical care, in the friendly environment of our team work.